Slow Fashion: Why We Handmake to Order

In a society that is increasingly "on demand" - calling for fast, cheap production and poor quality, we are also seeing the opposite movement emerge. There is a renewed longing for hand-crafted, artisan, quality pieces.

Currently over 90% of fashion brands are produced off-shore. This comes with a host of problems; unsafe working conditions, cheap labour and child labour, poor environmental practices and huge minimum orders, resulting in excess garment and textile waste.

At Tasi we chose instead to make our pieces right here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. There are a number of reasons I made this decision, the most important one being that manufacturing in Australia allows us to intimately know every step of our supply chain and to easily oversee and be a part of the production process, ensuring the highest possible quality end product. Producing on the Sunshine Coast also supports local industry and local businesses; small-scale garment making is a very quickly diminishing industry in Australia and something I believe we need to reinvest in.

Our incredibly talented seamstress Charlie and I work closely on each design together, from initial design concept through to the finished garment. We don't have a production chain with individuals only sewing the one same seam all day; Charlie and Deb work on every step of the production process. The pattern-making, grading, cutting and sewing is all done by two pairs of hands in our Moffat Beach warehouse.

We chose to go deeper into this ethos by also making our pieces to order. Making our pieces to order means we don't sit on any stock, which means there is no wastage (a big issue in the fashion and textiles industry). It also allows us to be reactive to best-sellers and to reallocate fabric where necessary. We utilise only a small selection of fabric across all of our pieces, which means if a piece isn't selling well we can move that fabric to another piece, again resulting in no wastage.

When you support Tasi you are supporting ethical, sustainable and local business and you are investing in a custom piece of clothing to treasure for years to come, made the way it should be. We are very proud to be producing our pieces here at home on the Sunshine Coast. If you find yourself in Moffat Beach and would like to visit the studio and learn more about Tasi, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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