• New Zealand Travel Diary

    Sometimes the best adventures come from a whim, and this trip was one of those. Despite owning a travel brand, I admit that I have been pretty slack in prioritising travel the last couple of years. While there have always been places I've dreamed of exploring eventually, it always felt a bit too hard to leave the business, which was growing rapidly - plus I just didn't want to be away from it! My partner, Mitch, and I were chatting one night and realised that we had the glorious ten stretch of Easter/Anzac Day public holidays coming up, and decided to book a trip to New Zealand.
  • 15 Top Tips for Backpacking

    Backpacking is a great (and cheap) way to see the world. It allows you to be spontaneous, meet other travellers and it often also allows for a more authentic experience, travelling on foot and seeing a place like a local would. Here are some of our tips to make your backpacking adventure a little easier:
  • Tales From the Road: Jade Collins

    Jade Collins hails from South Australia, but will soon be spending all of her time on the road. Alongside her partner, she owns Salty Aura, and is...
  • How to Travel on a Budget

    At Tasi we want to inspire adventures, to help you travel freely, travel easily and travel often. Money can be a big factor in limiting people from travelling more, so we've put together some tips to help stay budget conscious while travelling. 
  • Tales From the Road: Elise Halina

    Hailing from Adelaide in South Australia, Elise Halina now calls home anywhere that her wheels take her. Elise and her partner Josh have been living and travelling in their self-converted van since April of 2017. We chat about life on the road and her favourite travel memories..
  • What to Consider Before Booking a Marine Animal Swim

    With the rise of social media and sharing our adventures, we have also seen a rise in popularity of swimming with whales and other marine animals. A big part of travel is having once in a lifetime experiences, often ones you may have thought you'd never have, and of course so many of us have a natural curiosity about these magnificent creatures.
  • Tales From the Road: Dom Rand

    Dom Rand is a professional videographer and photographer, who has been on the road for the last three years exploring new countries and cultures w...
  • Want to See the Impact of Your Purchase?

    Sustainability and transparency have always been at the heart of Tasi, but with the rise in popularity of sustainable fashion and those words being thrown around more and more often, it can be confusing to know what "sustainable" actually means, and what brands actually mean it. 
  • Tales From the Road: Jess Bonde

    Jess Bonde, also known as ‘Wildbonde’, is a photographer hailing from Tasmania. You can usually find him in his custom built rustic home on wheels, or pointing his camera in the direction of a beautiful landscape somewhere around the world. He has been travelling for the past 8 years, initially working on super yachts and any other part jobs to keep him on the road, before taking up photography full time over the past 3 years. We chat to Jess about his adventures on the road..
  • Why We're Not Participating in Black Friday

    As you will be no doubt aware from the constant stream of messaging covering every inch of the internet, today is Black Friday. Black Friday, and the following Cyber Monday, began in the U.S. marking the start of the busy Christmas retail period. Now one of the biggest retail days of the year globally, Black Friday uses deep discounting and special offers to trigger a sense of urgency to consumers; resulting in low cost, high volume impulse buying - of things we do not need.
  • How to Create a Mindset of "Away" Everyday

    We all know that blissful feeling of being away. We have clearer minds, more optimism, more creativity, a heightened sense of adventure and more time for those in our lives. Much of this comes from the rare opportunity to slow down; to read, to to rest, to swim, to enjoy lazy days.
  • Tales From the Road: Heidar Logi

    In our latest Tales From the Road story, we chat to Iceland's first professional surfer, Heidar Logi. From chasing snowstorms and perfect waves to exploring the vast and wild landscapes of Iceland, Heidar is sure to inspire adventures.