January 06, 2019 2 min read

At Tasi we want to inspire adventures, to help you travel freely, travel easily and travel often. Money can be a big factor in limiting people from travelling more, so we've put together some tips to help stay budget conscious while travelling. 

  • Stay longer: accommodation prices often decrease with longer stays, so consider staying longer in one place and really getting to explore that area
  • Look for alternative accommodation: there are so many options for accommodation that isn't a hotel. Consider hostels, home-stays, couch surfing or hiring a campervan
  • Cook your meals: if you are staying in accommodation, make sure you book a room with a kitchen so you can cook meals at home
  • Stay outside of the main tourist areas: staying even ten or fifteen minutes out of popular tourist areas can save you big bucks. Even if it means you need to pay for taxis in and out, you'll likely still save money by opting for quieter areas
  • Hire local tour guides: shop around when looking for tours or experiences, often a local tour guide can be far cheaper (and often more genuine and memorable) than a tour company
  • Be flexible: flight prices can vary quite dramatically from day to day
  • Plan around off-peak times: if you have the luxury of not needing to travel during holiday periods, try booking a trip during off-season or shoulder periods as everything will be much cheaper
  • Embrace the sharing economy: this new world means we can now share accommodation, rides, tours and even equipment!
  • Look for free activities: instead of doing an expensive tour or activity, look for classes, events or experiences offered for free. Chat to the locals or ask for a recommendation from your accommodation. Museums and art galleries are great options, but there will often be free yoga classes, workshops or meet-ups if you do some research
  • Choose experiences over material things: as we go into in the point above, choose to spend your money (or no money at all if possible) on experiences that you will cherish forever, rather than material souvenirs
  • Book in advance: flights and packages often increase in price as they get closer, the more notice you have the more you'll save as this also means you can shop around for deals and watch prices 
  • Pack smart: avoid needing to buy things when you arrive by researching the climate and dress codes and knowing what kinds of activities you'll be doing on your holiday
  • Travel light: save on checked luggage costs by travelling with just carry-on
  • Rent a bike or explore on foot: taxis can quickly chew through cash. Consider what you want to do when booking accommodation, try and stay somewhere central where you can walk most places. If you plan to stay in one place for a while and will be on the move during the day a lot, it could also work out cheaper to hire a car 
  • Do your research: make sure you take some time to research; read other traveller's blogs, check out tips on Lonely Planet, chat to friends who have been to these places before. Travellers will always have great tips about where to stay, what to do and what not to bother spending your money on if they've been there before. 

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