Meet Our Textile Designer: Sharnee Thorpe

We love to share everything that happens behind the scenes at Tasi, whether it's documenting the process to bring a new design to life or sharing with you our team and how your clothes are made. Today we want to introduce you to Sharnee Thorpe, the incredibly talented woman behind our signature Native print, and our soon to be released Atauro Trunks gumnut print. Sharnee is a textile designer based in Byron Bay, and also owns her own picnic rug brand Wandering Folk, which feature her incredible designs.


Talk us through your design process; what is involved in taking a project from start to finish?

The process normally starts with the label sending me a brief with 2-3 main images that best describe the vision they have for the print, from there I go and do some of my own research and get inspired by the theme of the print they're wanting to create. I then start sketching out motifs (elements for the print) after I have drawn up the flowers, leaves and other elements for the print I scan it on to my computer. I use Photoshop to colour the print and put it into repeat. I then send it to the label for feedback and we work together to come up with the final print.

Tell us about our native floral and gumnut prints - how did you bring these prints to life? 
I love drawing flowers, especially native Australian flowers, so bringing these prints to life was fun. All the elements for these prints were hand drawn with a fine liner pen, then scanned into Photoshop where I add colour. It's best to add colour in Photoshop when designing for screen prints as it makes the print clean and crisp for printing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I always have flowers on my desk, either fresh or dried. I’m always inspired by nature and the world around me. I love to travel and explore different cultures and draw on these elements when it comes to designing.

How did you come to start Wandering Folk?
Wandering Folk was born from me wanting to start a project of my own, I was constantly designing everyone else’s prints so I wanted a product that I could create prints for. I wanted a product that was timeless and not trend driven like a fashion label. I’m also a big fan of camping and all the camping stuff is so ugly, so the picnic rug idea was born, a durable cotton canvas picnic rug with beautiful prints.

What is one of your favourite travel memories? 
Gee this is a hard one, I would have to say the most recent travel memory as I just got back from New Zealand last week. Wandering Folk partnered with Heli Tours NZ; they offer a ‘Picnic in Paradise’ flight and now they use all our picnic rugs. We were lucky enough to go on this flight while we were in Queenstown. The flight was breathtaking, we flew over the most incredible snow-covered mountains to a secret lake with a little hut, we had a picnic on the deck made from all local produce, with local beer and wine. The place was magical, all covered in snow just us out in the middle of these huge mountains. I’m not sure how I will top this experience. New Zealand is a breathtaking place, I love the mountains!

Top 3 bucketlist travel destinations? 
India, Morocco and Turkey

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m always working on a bunch of things at once, I always say yes to everything then try and figure out how I’m going to achieve it all, ha!

I have been working on a print for R.M. Williams that’s coming out this Summer, can’t wait for this one. There are a few other labels I work with who are just about to release collections with my prints, so Summer is a fun time for me. I also have two new Wandering Folk designs launching at the end of the month that I have been working on for a while, I just did my photoshoot on Monday for one of them and I’m so excited to launch!

You can see more of Sharnee's work on her website as well as her business Wandering Folk.


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