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Sunshine Coast Vanlife Gathering x Tasi Travels

We are so excited to be co-hosting the first ever Sunshine Coast Vanlife gathering this April 5-7! Vanlife gatherings are always incredibly special events; bringing together like-minded people from around Australia for a weekend of live music, bonfires, new connections, beautiful nature and epic fluro party waves!

If you haven't heard of Vanlife, they run the largest interactive Vanlife community in the world. They host unique, meaningful, uplifting and special events internationally. The Vanlife movement is a rapidly growing lifestyle where people from every walk of life are looking to explore more, connect with nature and one another and spend more time on creative passions. Their gatherings bring people from all across Australia (and internationally) for a weekend of connection, live music, good conversation and time in nature.

This gathering is being held at the beautiful Kenilworth Bluff Campground, set on 100 acres in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. You don't need to have a van to attend either; bring your car, swag, motorbike - whatever you've got!

All Vanlife gatherings also support not for profit partners OneWave Take 3and YARN Australia.

You can grab your tickets here:

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