Timor-Leste Travel With Purpose

This year we are excited to be expanding Tasi Travels outside of just travel clothing and into epic travel experiences with a purpose. 'Travel With Purpose' was inspired by my own travels, I was finding that more and more young people were looking for something more out of their travels; they wanted to dive deeper, connect authentically and contribute positively to the place they were visiting.

It seemed only fitting to lead our first Travel With Purpose group back to the place where Tasi was born, Atauro Island, Timor-Leste. At the end of July we took a group of seven on an adventure of a lifetime. Here's a little look into what we got up to..

We flew into Dili at sunrise, a beautiful golden sky welcoming us to Timor-Leste. From here we jumped on a boat for the hour and a half trip over to Atauro Island, our home for the next week.  Atauro is a true paradise. Only 25km long, Atauro has a rugged mountainous spine and endless stretches of beautiful beach. Our days consisted of watching sunrise over the ocean with cups of tea in hand, snorkelling the incredible reef (the waters of Atauro were recently declared the most biodiverse in the world), exploring neighbouring villages and of course our purpose element of the trip, our beach clean-ups. 

Like many remote communities and developing countries, Atauro Island struggles with marine debris. There are some amazing individuals and initiatives pushing for positive change, however there is still work to be done. During our time on Atauro we did a number of clean-ups along Beloi Beach, collecting 2,709 pieces of rubbish off this stretch. Some of the stats:
- 402 plastic drink bottles
- 355 bottle lids
- 756 pieces of hard plastic
- 407 pieces of soft plastic
- 221 pieces of rope
- 163 straws


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