Want to See the Impact of Your Purchase?

Sustainability and transparency have always been at the heart of Tasi, but with the rise in popularity of sustainable fashion and those words being thrown around more and more often, it can be confusing to know what "sustainable" actually means, and what brands actually mean it. 

It has always been important to us as a brand to not only be transparent with our customers about our business and our practices, but to also actively measure our impact and be committed to constantly learning, growing and evolving so our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible and we can move towards net zero impact.

We believe in walking our talk, so we are excited to have partnered with an innovative technology that allows us to see the impact of every single Tasi piece we make and sell. Now when you make a purchase, you can also see how much water, energy and carbon emissions are saved, check it out here.

See below to learn more about our total impact as a brand since we launched in 2017. You can read more about our sustainability journey and practices here.


Water Saved

Tencel fibre manufacturing uses a closed loop system to recapture water, using less than half the water of conventional fabrics. To date we have saved 31,310 litres of water, the equivalent of 3,558 days of drinking water.



Emissions Avoided

Tencel has a lower carbon impact as it's made from sustainably grown wood and manufactured using a closed loop system. To date we have saved 1,909 kgCO2e, the equvialent of 7,345 km of driving emissions.


Energy Saved

Tencel's sustainable manufacturing processes and use of renewable energy leads to lower energy demand than conventional fabrics. To date we have saved 130,070 hours of LED bulb energy.


Trees Planted

We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to plant one tree for every item sold! We believe in working towards a net zero impact. You can read more about our partnership with Carbon Neutral here.


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