• We're Planting One Tree For Every Piece Sold, Here's Why

    We are excited to have partnered with Carbon Neutral to plant one tree for every item sold! We understand that there are finite resources on our planet, and while the eucalyptus trees used to make our Tencel are grown using sustainable forestry initiatives, they are still resources that are being used.
  • Our Top Sustainable Travel Destinations

    With responsible tourism on the rise, it's not just about how we choose to travel, but where we choose to travel too. A big part of being a responsible traveller is choosing to spread the love around - to visit lesser known destinations and support their economies and communities. We can also be responsible travellers by choosing to explore destinations that are actively doing good work to protect the environment and support their people. Here are our top picks for sustainable travel..
  • Meet Our Textile Designer: Sharnee Thorpe

    We love to share everything that happens behind the scenes at Tasi, whether it's documenting the process to bring a new design to life or sharing with you our team and how your clothes are made. Today we want to introduce you to Sharnee Thorpe, the incredible talented woman behind our signature Native print, and our soon to be released Atauro Trunks gumnut print. 
  • Why Are Remote Islands Being Inundated With Plastic?

    Anyone that has travelled will have seen the impact plastic pollution is having on both remote islands and populated destinations. No matter where we’re travelling, the devastating image of streets or beaches lined with plastic water bottles and plastic bags is too familiar.
  • How to Stay Plastic Free on a Roadtrip

    A lot of the rules of normal life go out the window when you’re on the road, it’s a whole different reality and sometimes it can be tricky to maintain the habits or practices we have while at home. Here are a few tips to help stay as plastic-free as possible while on a roadtrip..
  • A Guide to Summer Camping with Drifters Campervans

    Summer might not be quite here yet, but the warm weather has well and truly arrived and we’re already planning this season’s adventures. With months of beautiful warm days rolling out in front of us, it’s time to pack up the car and head away for the weekend. And if you're local to the Sunshine Coast like us, away can be right here in our backyard. Erin from Drifters Campervans shares some of her favourite spots to camp on the Sunshine Coast and why they believe in exploring your own town.
  • How to Plan An Eco-Friendly Trip

    Responsible travel and eco-tourism are quickly becoming more important to travellers, who are beginning to more consciously consider how they travel. With approximately 1.8 billion people taking at least one international trip each year, the impact of travel is noticeably felt by both the environment and local communities. The good news is we can all lessen our footprint considerably by keeping a few simple things in mind when planning a trip.
  • Timor-Leste Travel With Purpose

    This year we are excited to be expanding Tasi Travels outside of just travel clothing and into epic travel experiences with a purpose. 'Travel With Purpose' was inspired by my own travels, I was finding that more and more young people were looking for something more out of their travels; they wanted to dive deeper, connect authentically and contribute positively to the place they were visiting.
  • Tales From the Road: Michelle Halpern

    Michelle Halpern is a 31-year-old travel writer, photographer and digital nomad, constantly in search of beautiful places and spaces. She has spent the last two years on the road and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We chat about all things travel.. 
  • A Week on the East Coast of Tasmania

    Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel but have never made it happen? For the last two years I’ve thought about Tasmania nearly every day. For whatever reason I just couldn't get that place out of my head. But there was always a reason I didn’t go; I wanted to wait until I had long enough to explore, until the weather was warmer, until this project was finished or that thing happened. Well about a month ago I finally just booked flights. It wasn't the perfect time but it never is. The trip however, was perfect.
  • Tales From the Road: Chris & Freya

    Chris is an adventure photographer from Belgium, Freya is a scientist turned travel writer from Australia, and together they venture to far-flung corners of the globe, documenting the world around them as they go. We chat to Chris and Freya, aka The Sandy Feet, about their travels..
  • Exploring the Scottish Highlands

    When planning our holidays last year, the desire to re-visit Scotland kept creeping further and further up the list. My husband and I had only briefly visited sans children, and we promised ourselves we would return.  So we set about ensuring that after our month in Italy, we would head over to Scotland. The planning phase of this trip was very exciting as we knew immediately that we were confident enough to tour around Scotland and set about studying maps and travel guides of the routes we could take, marking all our must see sights and destinations.