Why We're Not Participating in Black Friday

As you will be no doubt aware from the constant stream of messaging covering every inch of the internet, today is Black Friday. Black Friday, and the following Cyber Monday, began in the U.S. marking the start of the busy Christmas retail...

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How to Create a Mindset of "Away" Everyday

We all know that blissful feeling of being away. We have clearer minds, more optimism, more creativity, a heightened sense of adventure and more time for those in our lives. Much of this comes from the rare opportunity to slow down;...

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Tales From the Road: Heidar Logi

In our latest Tales From the Road story, we chat to Iceland's first professional surfer, Heidar Logi. From chasing snowstorms and perfect waves to exploring the vast and wild landscapes of Iceland, Heidar is sure to inspire adventures.

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Our Top Sustainable Travel Destinations

With responsible tourism on the rise, it's not just about how we choose to travel, but where we choose to travel too. A big part of being a responsible traveller is choosing to spread the love around - to visit lesser known...

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How to Stay Plastic Free on a Roadtrip

A lot of the rules of normal life go out the window when you’re on the road, it’s a whole different reality and sometimes it can be tricky to maintain the habits or practices we have while at home. Here...

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