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The Importance of Travelling Solo

I've always enjoyed my own company; call it introversion or independence, from a young age I've often preferred to do things alone. As an introvert, I find time alone incredibly recharging, clarifying and inspiring.

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Tales From the Road: Pippa Marffy

Pippa Marffy is a Zimbabwean born New Zealander who now lives in London, but feels fully at home all over the world. She can be found wondering or wandering, always. Wondering where to eat, what to cook, read, wear or...

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Baja Bound

The Mexican border officer flagged our van down and pointed us in the direction of a separate queue. We were told to get out of the vehicle and leave all bags inside as we waited behind a solid wall while...

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Why We Believe in Slow Travel

For a lot us, when we hear the word travel we automatically think of far away; of flights and suitcases and tropical destinations far from our own reality. Travel doesn't just have to mean this though, at Tasi we advocate...

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Sunshinestories Guide to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the land of coconut honey, dried fish, and all things spicy. This little island has been slowly popping up on the travel scene after the civil war ended in 2009. More and more people are coming to...

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Tales From the Road: Mitch Cox

Mitch Cox is a 23 year old self-taught photographer and filmmaker, currently based somewhere around Sydney in his van. Mitch shares his favourite travel memories and tips with us..

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A Tasmanian Travel Story

"Tassie sucks, it's really cold and the people are inbred sons of convicts. You really wouldn’t like it down there; walking around in circles, dodging road kill and angry devils.." As far as stereotypes go, this is about as wrong as...

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Tales From the Road: Laura Bell

Laura Bell, more commonly known and appreciated as @lauraalycebell on Instagram, is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Laura specialises in lifestyle, travel and landscape photography, inspiring a deep desire to wander with her beautiful imagery. Laura shares some of her travel...

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