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How to be a Traveller, Not a Tourist

Travelling is one of the most unique, and perhaps powerful, opportunities we have to learn during our lives. As travellers, we have an amazing opportunity to foster cultural exchange, share knowledge, form relationships and break down barriers, if we choose...

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Tales From the Road: Mish & Kirk

Mish and Kirk are two world roamers from Australia. Currently based in South Australia, Mish and Kirk have a big love and passion for photography, travelling, and learning as much about this wonderful world as they can. They love capturing...

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Tales From the Road: Hannah Rheaume

We are excited to be introducing a new feature to the Tasi blog; Tales From the Road. This series was designed to inspire and offer helpful tips and personal experiences from real life travellers. First up, we chat to Hannah...

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Tipping Etiquette: What You Need to Know

One of the most interesting parts of travelling is seeing how different countries and cultures differ from one another. Each country has their own set of norms; from language and traffic rules to religious practices. Something else that differs in...

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5 Wild Places in the UK You Need to Visit

The UK is filled with wild goodness, from rolling plains of green to icy-cold waterfalls. Athena Mellor created Ramble Guides as a way to celebrate all the UK has to offer, a website dedicated to outdoor travel guides to the UK's National...

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So What is Tencel?

We are so proud of the beautiful fabric that our Tasi pieces are crafted from, so we thought we would take the opportunity to share a little about Tencel and why it is so good for both people and planet....

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