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Our Story

In 2017 my family and I made the decision to leave our city life and start a new chapter, living on a small, sustainable farm in south-eastern Queensland, Australia. We craved a deeper connection with nature, one where we learnt to live in harmony with the land. I carried with me on our new adventure my love of fashion design and dreamt of weaving it into my new life.

Having spent nearly twenty years in the fashion industry, I knew its impacts on the environment and its people all too well. The fast fashion cycle in my experience values profit over everything else as it pushes through new styles at incredible rates, disregarding longevity, sustainability and creating waste.

Now in our new home, I was inspired to rejoin the fashion world, but only in a way that would contribute positive change in the industry. Tasi Travels aligned perfectly with my beliefs that beautiful timeless clothing should never be at the expense of our world and its people. The Tasi Travels ethos of creating versatile pieces to wander through life in, removing the need for excess, spoke right to my heart.

At Tasi Travels we’re committed to constantly learning, growing and evolving so our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible. We commit ourselves to honesty, transparency and accountability whilst treading lightly on the earth. We invite you to be part of our story and together do our part to make the world a better place.