Care Instructions

Each Tasi piece is handmade to with love and care, so we recommend to wash and handle your piece in the same way to ensure it lasts a lifetime. One of Tencel's most outstanding qualities is its ability to enhance breathability. The smooth surface of the fibre absorbs and releases moisture efficiently, supporting the body's natural thermal regulation. This means that even if you're adventuring in the heat and working up a sweat, Tasi pieces don't hold the smell and will look and feel fresh to wear again the next day. We have also designed our pieces to be loose-fitting, again so they are comfortable and don't hold sweat. This means you should be able to wear Tasi pieces for days on end, reducing the need to wash as regularly. 
When you do need to wash your Tasi pieces, we recommend hand-washing and line drying in the shade where possible. If you are using a washing machine, we recommend a gentle cycle. Tasi pieces can be ironed at medium temperature and tumble dried at a gentle cycle on normal temperature. Do note use chlorine bleach on any of your Tasi pieces as this can cause discolouration.