Care Instructions

How to care for your Tasi Travel Piece

Tasi Travels pieces are all made from LENZING Tencel™, Modal™ and Eco Vero™ fabrics.

These fabrics are both durable and delicate at the same time. With proper care you will be able to enjoy the beautiful drape and softness of your Tasi Travel garment for a long time, and wear it again and again.

Here are our best tips to care for you piece.

Hand Wash or Delicate Cool Cycle

The mildest form of care that will keep your garment looking new for longest, is to handwash with cold water and mild soap. But if you, like so many of us are too busy for hand washing, you can machine wash your Tasi Travels garments on a delicate cycle in cold (no higher than 30°C / 90°F) temperature, and still keep the look and shape for a long time.

For best machine wash care, use a mesh laundry bag. 

A note on Tencel™- Please be mindful if you choose to wash your Tencel™ in the washing machine, it can leave white streaks on your garment caused by fabrics rubbing together.  These streaks can happen if you wash on normal or overfill your machine. The more clothing you wash together, the more they will agitate.


Hang dry your Tasi Travels garment in the shade. Dryers are harsh on most clothing and will prematurely fade the colours. Never twist or wring the fabric because that can break the fibres.


Please use a cool setting when ironing your garment