Our Story So Far

I would love to share with you the story of my brand and the meaning behind each piece we create.
A few years ago, we left our city life to start a new chapter, living on a small, sustainable farm in the Noosa Hinterland, Australia.
After a career working with big brands in the fashion industry, I had experienced it all and knew it was time for meaningful change. 
I also craved a deeper connection with nature, one where as a family we could learn to live with the land and give back to it.  
Now in our new home, surrounded by immense beauty, I was inspired to rejoin the fashion world, but in a way that would contribute positively to change in the industry. 
The Tasi Travels ethos of creating slowly with purpose, is a reflection of my own personal journey and my passion to contribute more meaningfully to the world around me.
As a brand, as in life, I'm committed to constantly learning, growing and evolving; treading as lightly as I possibly can on this earth.
 Love Leith.x